Mountain Experience

Mountain Experiance LLC

We are mountain guides who are achieving our dream of making a life in the mountains. Driven by the desire to show the beauties of Macedonian mountains to the people around the world we decided to open a travel agency Mountain Experience. The stuff of our company are mountain guides, alpinists and mountain bikers, people who promote the mountains as a place to live, work and enjoy. We established a profession of mountain guide in Macedonia shaping it by high international standards.

We work with great pleasure enjoying the opportunity to share the experiences from the outdoors with our customers and after the first days on a hike, ski or bike, they become part of the big Macedonian Mountain Experience family.


Kostantin Ciriviri

Kostantin is the first professional mountain guide in the Republic of Macedonia, working in the field of mountain tourism for more than twenty years. He is an instructor in alpinism and an instructor for mountain guides training. So far he has trained more than one hundred and fifty mountain guides, about hundred alpinists and many mountain climbers.

He graduated from the department of tourism at the University of Tourism and Management in Skopje. He accomplished professional specialization for mountain tourism in North Italy, France, Slovenia and Bulgaria.
He is an author of about ten titles in the field of mountaineering, alpinism and mountain tourism, manager of several successfully realized projects for mountain tourism development in the Republic of Macedonia, of which most important are the projects for placement of a system of hiking and biking trails in the biggest mountain ranges in the country.
He participated in alpine and mountain expeditions in Europe, South America and Asia.
Currently he is working on a research paper in the field of mountain recreational tourism.
He lives in Skopje with his wife Svetlana, his son Tadej and his daughter Milica.

Svetlana Ciriviri

Customer Service
Svetlana is the most important person "in the shadow", in charge of all the logistics in the travel agency. She is present in the adventure tourism in the last twenty years.
She graduated psychology at the University in Skopje and currently she is working on a research paper in the field of psychology of tourism.

She has participated in several projects for mountain tourism in Macedonia working on development of mountain trails and trainings with local communities.
Her passion is hiking, mountain biking and snow shoeing.
Svetlana is Kostantine's wife and mother of son Tadej and daughter Milica, who are her most frequent companions on the mountains.

Bojan Isaevski

Mountaineering became his passion in his early teens and along with skiing has shaped his life ever since. Bojan grew up close to Shar Mountain.

Having spent a number of years at the mountains, he had developed an addiction to chasing fresh snow and exploring high peaks, glacial lakes and waterfalls that he is willing to share.
Bojan is an active member at MC `Ljuboten`. He is a physiotherapy student at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University and a part-time member of mountain rescue team - `Asclepius`. Currently, Bojan is in a training process to become a licensed mountain guide according to International Mountain Leader standard.

Krunoslav Adjievski

Krunoslav is experienced "mountain wolf" who you can more often meet on the mountains rather than in his home. Krunoslav - his nickname Kruno, is a professional mountain guide from 2007 with extensive experience in ski mountaineering, free riding, hiking and mountain biking.

He has been climbed the Alps, Dolomites and the mountains of the Balkans. He studied physical education at the University of Skopje and film production at the University of Stip.
Kruno is president of the Macedonian Mountain Rescue Team Asclepij, where the most experienced Macedonian climbers and rescuers are members.

Ilija Ciriviri

Ilija is representative of the younger generation of mountain guides. He is actively involved in alpine climbing, ski mountaineering and mountain biking. A licensed mountain guide according to IML - international mountain leader standard since 2014.

You can meet him very often on the rocks in the Matka Canyon near Skopje, the Demir Kapija gorge or the bolders near Prilep. With his mountain bike he can be seen almost everywhere on the Macedonian mountains.
Ilija graduated production at the University in Skopje and he is currently working on his master's thesis in the field of the production management. He is a member of the alpine club Matka from Skopje and he is very active at the Macedonian Mountain Rescue Team Asclepij.

Riste Kalinov

Riste is an alpine climber with 10 years of climbing experience. During his mountain guide training process he fell in love with mountain biking as well. Avid explorer of new adventures in the mountains, he can be found in all regions of Macedonia.

Licensed mountain guide since 2014, president of the Alpine club Matka from Skopje and a member of Macedonian Mountain Rescue Team, Asklepij. Working as an IT engineer in Medical faculty in Skopje and living with his wife Jasna and son Gorazd