The passion for the mountains and the desire to share their invaluable values ​​with clients are inseparably linked to caring for the mountains as tourist destinations and strengthening local communities as inevitable bearers of local tourism development and guardians of natural and cultural heritage.

Recognizing the need for the development of adventure tourism in the Western Balkans and primarily in Macedonia, to be in line with the value of natural potential, nearly three decades ago, we took on the difficult and not very rewarding task of being actively involved in the development of new mountain destinations, creating new tourist products, training local communities in adventure tourism, and creating promotional materials, including well-known guidebooks and maps.

This is certainly not the place for the reference list of our results in adventure tourism consultancy; perhaps a complete website is needed for that. Still, we want to share with you that we feel proud to be authors, independently or in collaboration with our colleagues, of several internationally renowned adventure products such as the High Scardus Trail, Balkan Hiking Adventure, Maleshevia Your Mountain Home, Lake View Trail, Hike and Bike in Matka Canyon, and more than 1000 kilometers of hiking and biking trails in national parks in Macedonia and some mountain regions in neighboring countries.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of satisfaction when you lead clients along the trails you’ve created and when you provide services for products you’ve developed yourself. The motive for the consultancy we do is not to build a CV for our company; we have more than enough of that. The motive is to build a destination where tourists can experience the unique values ​​of this magical Balkan space. And the satisfaction we have in doing so cannot be measured with any amount of money.

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