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Kostantin Ciriviri

Kostantin is a very trustworthy mountain guide in the Republic of Macedonia; he is also the first ever professional mountain guide you could find there.

But all that success comes from a lot of work, since he has been working in the field of mountain tourism for more than 35 years.

Kostantin is also an instructor in both alpinism and the training of UIMLA mountain leaders.

He graduated from the department of tourism at the University of Tourism and Management in Skopje with a very high master’s thesis in the field of risk management in adventure tourism.

His work also leads to him being the author of about fifty titles in the deep fields of mountaineering, alpinism, mountain tourism, and risk management in adventure tourism. He has a strong passion for teaching people and showing them many ways of connecting with the mountains, seeing the different ways you can approach it, and, of course, the basic skills of how to act in the mountains.

Besides the good plans he made, he is also the manager of several successfully realized projects for the development of mountain tourism in the Republic of Macedonia and the neighbouring countries. The most important projects are the placement of a system for the beautiful hiking and biking trails, as well as the development of new products in the biggest mountain ranges in the region.

Kostantin has participated in alpine and mountain expeditions in Europe, South America, and Asia. He travelled to many places, including one of the most beautiful destinations you could imagine, had a lot of difficult journeys, and gained a lot of experience from every single one of them.

Currently, Kostantin is working on a research paper in the fields of risk management and standardization in adventure tourism.

Truly, all his hard work came from his strong passion for mountaineering and teaching people things they could never forget.

So, if you’re looking for somebody to trust and learn from, he’s the best choice to start with.

Kostantin Ciriviri