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Milica Ciriviri

Milica is one of Kostantin and Svetlana’s children and a sister to Tadej.

She cherishes them and loves them unconditionally; they are the most valuable thing to her, and she would never choose anything before them.

Milica may not be as well known as the others, but her work could never go unnoticed since she takes a big part in the business; all the texts, information, and lots of work that has been done for the company is all done by her.

She’s not forced to do anything; all of this comes from her heart and passion towards showing people the better and more beautiful sights that they are missing out on and need to see, as well as expressing her heart and knowledge in everything she’d make.

It also comes from Milica’s understanding of the people and her dream to help them get familiar with things that would leave an endless smile on their faces and a memorable moment for them.

Milica also enjoys mountaineering, like the rest of her family. She loves hiking and is really good at it; sometimes it’s as if she’s racing to the top of the mountain or she has a need to explore more that is in the mountain itself.

She also loves biking like her brother, but definitely not as much as him; she’s good at skiing and could enjoy every second of it.

Climbing on the rock is something she could never get bored of; no matter the kind of rock it is or whatever the time could be, she will always find a bright side to the climbing trip and make it unforgettable.

Milica has a strong feeling for everything and makes sure to express it in every way so that other people can feel joy and passion in their lives. To turn their tough times into unexplainable and magical moments on the mountains.

Milica Ciriviri