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Svetlana Ciriviri

Svetlana, a hardworking and successful woman, is also Kostantin’s wife and the mother of their kids, Tadej and Milica, who are her most frequent companions in the mountains and her most prized possessions.

Svetlana may seem on the same level as the rest, but she is the most important person in the company; her way of being ‘’in the shadows’’ is far more than just that.

She is in charge of all the logistics, finances, and administration at the travel agency. Despite her less desirable responsibilities in adventure tourism, Svetlana is also a licensed UIMLA mountain leader and a mountain leader training instructor.

Her passion for guiding people in the very beautiful mountains and giving them a fantastic experience is something that would never disappoint.

She is a graduate psychologist from the university in Skopje and is currently working on a research paper in the deep field of psychology in adventure tourism.

Svetlana has participated in dozens of projects for mountain tourism development in Macedonia and neighboring countries.

She’s been working on many new mountain trails, writing guidebooks and maps, and passionately and successfully leading workshops for training with local communities.

Svetlana enjoys hiking in many mountains and relaxing in the arms of majestic mountain biking trails; she also prefers snowshoeing in the powder-white and incredible mountains in the winter.

Svetlana is somebody who could understand you and your needs in the mountains; she will definitely meet your expectations or even better, so it’s best you find her as somebody who could do things you never thought she could do.

Svetlana Ciriviri