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Tadej Ciriviri

Tadej is one of Kostantin and Svetlana’s children and Milica’s brother.

He loves them dearly and always never fails to make them smile. Whenever he goes on the mountains, he makes sure that it is always with them.

He started having a passion for mountaineering ever since he was born; he grew up admiring the mountains and hoping one day he’d make a change that nobody would forget.

Tadej is amazing at hiking in the mountains, finding routes, locations, areas that you could dream of, and destinations that would shock you with how beautiful they could be.

Not only is he good at hiking, but he could never get lost in the mountains; he has a sense for them like nobody else, a passion and feeling towards them that nobody could ever recreate; truly, he sees them as his home and therapy that could fix anything of his.

Tadej not only enjoys hiking but is also extremely good at skiing. As soon as he sees a touch of snow, he will run up mountains like there is no tomorrow and make sure to enjoy every single bit of skiing he has.

He’s also incredible at rock climbing and finding ways to get to the top of the climbing point, as if it were easier than it looks. His experience does not stop there since biking is another one of his amazing passions and sports. He rides with freedom and will never forget any tour he has done with a bike.     

Tadej also helps allot money to the business, learns about it, and tries to understand every bit of it. He wants to help and make an improvement in it so that it reaches out to more and more people, but also in general as well.

Tadej will enjoy any type of mountain sport, whether it is hiking, biking, or anything else, but he will still enjoy it and make it a relaxing trip for everyone on the tour.

Tadej is one of a kind; his energy is endless, his focus is strong, and so is his passion for guiding and showing people the beauty that is kept secret in the mountains. He’s full of grace and will make sure you always have a smile on your face, so don’t let any worry ruin you.

Tadej Ciriviri 5.5