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Mount biking in Macedonian with Israeli friends

In the period from May to September this year we hosted hundreds of mountain bikers from Israel who had the opportunity to enjoy cross country and all mountains riding through the most beautiful mountain areas in Macedonia.

Rock climbing in
Canyon Matka

This summer we were active on the rocks in the Canyon Matka. Most often we accompany Karin and Fraser, our friends with whom we cooperate from previous winter. We spent great moments on traditional climbing ...

In the deepest parts of Shar Mountains

“Our visit in Shar Mountain was an unforgettable experience. The mountains are amazing with breathtaking views and with great diversity of flora and fauna. But all this we wouldn't discover on our own..

Tour Defficulty Info Board

Trail length/duration

1 – 5km / 0 – 3h

Total altitude gain

10 - 500m.

Level of fitness


This type of tours is suitable for most people in good health. They are predominantly on good paths, on undemanding terrain. The length of the tour is from one to five km and the maximum duration is three hours. During the tour climbing of the height difference is up to five hundred meters.Previous walking or trekking experience is not necessary.

Trail length/duration

5 – 10km / 3 – 6h

Total altitude gain

500 - 1000m.

Level of fitness


This grade is ideal for people who want to enjoy both easy and moderate level walks on the same tour. You’ll be walking mainly on good paths, with occasional more demanding ascents or descents. The tour takes three to six hours at that pass between five and ten kilometers. Climbing height difference is between 500 to 1000 meters.

Trail length/duration

10–15km / 6–10h

Total altitude gain

1000 - 1500m.

Level of fitness


These tours are for those who are fit and active. Hikes are normally on good paths on altitude between 1000 and 2750 meters absl. Days may include some demanding ascents and descents up to 1500 meters, so previous experience is preferable but not essential. The lengths of the tours are between ten and fifteen kilometers. Duration of the tour is between six and ten hours.

Trail length/duration

15km > / 10h >

Total altitude gain

1500m. >

Level of fitness

Very Heigh

This grade is ideal for fit people and for those who want to challenge themself with a few longer, more demanding hiking days, possibly on difficult terrain or at higher altitudes. The lengths of the tours are more than fifteen kilometers with duration more than ten hours. Altitude climbing is more than 1500 meters.


  • Fraser England

    "I climbed a number of times with Mountain Experience this summer. Firstly their in-depth knowledge of the routes and terrain is second to none. Secondly, they take safety very seriously and have a highly professional approach to this part of the work, much due to the impressive experience of their lead guide, Kostantin. Third, I was always learning with them. And finally, I had a great time spending my days with like-minded people who love to be in the mountains! Highly recommended!"

  • Erez, Ronen, Nati, Rani, Boaz,
    Amit, Avi, Shimon, Yosi and Yael

    Our group of 10 mountain bikers just returned from an extraordinary experience. From the moment we were greeted at the airport and through the entire week of climbing and descending the Macedonian mountainside. We received the utmost care for every detail imaginable, nothing was overlooked. We, as a group, highly recommend this professional team for an unforgettable mountain bike experience.

  • Marta and Paulina Poland

    Our visit in Shar Mountain was an unforgettable experience. All of that we wouldn't discover on our own without our guides from “Mountain Experience”. They organized the trip for us, chose the best roots and showed us many nice places and things. They were our guides and guards in the same time :)

  • Fraser England

    "This winter I kept coming back to Mountain Experience for more and more ski touring. These guys know where to find all the best skiing, even in places most of the locals don't even know about. I can't recommend Mountain Experience enough; these guys have seen something beautiful in their country and want to show it to you!"

  • Karin Oliver Norway

    Ski tour on Mount Korab, Macedonia, with a descent through amazing powder fields in superb conditions. Thanks again to for finding this stash for us!

  • Mads Tolstrub Denmark

    EARTH PORN... We went for a 15 km snowshoe trek in one of the most unique and remote nature spots in the Balkans, The Leshnica Valley. On top of its amazing location everything was covered in a fresh pillow of powder snow.

  • Cécile France

    Hi my dear guides from Macedonia. According to the forecast the days which coming will be sad without you, your smile, the fog... But I hope we will meet in France !! Best wishes and thank you for all your patience and your kindness.

  • Olivier Delpal France

    The two groups are returned. After 15 days very intense, a bit of well-deserved rest for you. A big thank you to you and your very professional agency. See you soon.

Discover Macedonia

Shara Mountain

Shar Mountain is situated in the northwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia. The massif extends from the northeast to the southwest for 80 km with a total surface area of around 1,600 km2, making it one of the largest massifs in the Balkans.

Shar Mountain can be divided into three segments (though heterogeneous), according to its geological composition and its common geographical characteristics:
- Northeastern segment;
- Northwestern or central segment;
- Southern segment.